It is the same in other directions. We fail to set a proper example before our young people. If I were to send for a doctor, what would be the effect upon my children? Why, they would say, “That is the course my father took, and he is an Eider in the Church and a man of experience; he sent for the doctors, and why should not I? My mother was a good woman, but when one of the children was sick, she sent for a doctor; she did not trust to the ordinance alone; and shall we not send for a doctor? Must it all be faith and no works?” How often do we hear this sort of reasoning?

Our bodies are organized to derive enjoyment from their proper use. There is enjoyment in eating when you are hungry, and in resting when you are fatigued, to the extent the body rightly requires; but if appetite is so gratified …

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We should breathe the pure mountain air in our bed-rooms. We should have lofty rooms, high above the ground, for though this earth is pure, compared with miasmatic places, the air that is above the ground is preferable to that close to it. We should have plenty of pure,