Laws of Health – Brigham Young, 1860

Our bodies are organized to derive enjoyment from their proper use. There is enjoyment in eating when you are hungry, and in resting when you are fatigued, to the extent the body rightly requires; but if appetite is so gratified that your body, when you wake, is tormented with a raging fever, where is the pleasure of eating so much of this or that delicious food? Satisfying the appetite brings to an end the pleasure of eating; and where food is partaken chiefly to gratify the pleasurable sensation derived from eating, disease is gendered, and true misery springs out of this unwise gratification. Some healthy, strong-constituted persons can eat large quantities of food with apparent impunity; but, in so doing, the tax they place upon their systems will ultimately bring disease and death. [“Light of the Spirit—Laws of Health—Joy In the Gospel, etc.,” reported by G. D. Watt, Journal of Discourses, vol. 8 (Liverpool: George Q. Cannon, 1861), p. 139.]

Brigham Young, President of the Church, 5 April 1860

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