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Vegan Dad When you have kids, supper has to be on the table every night. And when you are a vegan, the drive-thru, the deli counter, and TV dinners/frozen convenience foods are not an option. So, you do the best you can. This blog is a record of what my family eats. It’s not always a totally complete meal, not always photogenic, and sometimes it’s leftovers. But, it is a realistic look at a vegan family in a northern Ontario city that is not always vegan-friendly. Vegan Dad



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  1. No not yet I still eat some Cheese & Ice cream, when we don’t make our own. We eat broccoli Tofu and black & pinto beans. and few other things my wife puts together.

  2. Actually, dairy products while they are high in calcium, are not high in calcium that is usable for the human body. The human body requires magnesium to absorb and use calcium, animal milk does not contain magnesium in quantities that make this possible. In fact, when magnesium is not present in high enough quantities, it causes calcium and other minerals to be leached from your bones and teeth, creating the opposite of the desired result. The National Dairy Council spends alot of money on “research” that is supposed to tell you how good milk is for your teeth and bones, but isn’t it suspect that these are the same people profiting from the results of their “research”. Here’s the alarming truth, the countries that consume the largest quantites of dairy in their diet have the highest rates of osteoperosis and tooth decay (Finland being the highest, followed by the U.S.) and countries that consume little to no dairy don’t expirience these diseases at all. If you want to make sure you are getting enough calcium and protein in your diet, you should be sure to consume mostly raw dark leafy greens (kale, chard, beet greens, turnip greens, etc..) and raw fruits and vegetables. Cooking your food kills the enzymatic benefits and nutritional value of what you eat.

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