Cease eating swine Brigham Young, 1868

Cease eating swine Brigham Young, 1868


A thorough reformation is needed in regard to our eating and drinking, and on this point I will freely express myself, and shall be glad if the people will hear, believe and obey. If the people were willing to receive the true knowledge from heaven in regard to their diet they would cease eating swine’s flesh. I know this as well as Moses knew it, and without putting it in a code of commandments. [“Necessity of Obeying Counsel—Reformation in Eating and Drinking—Improvements—Female Relief Societies—Chastity,” reported by G. D. Watt, Journal of Discourses, vol. 12 (Liverpool: Albert Carrington, 1869), p. 192.]

Brigham Young, President of the Church, 6 April 1868

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